Rules and Regulations

Shuttle Services
The triple A Rent-A-Car shuttles will provide you with free transportation to and from the airport terminals.
Dropping Charges
Dropping charges are applicable when rental cars are not returned to the location from which they were originally rented.
• from Princess juliana to Marigot harbour only $15.00

License Requirements
To rent vehicles, a valid driver's license is required.
Age Restrictions
Customers must be 21 years of age in order to rent the following types of vehicle: SUV, Vans
and Specialty vehicles

Payments can be made with any major credit card.
Debit card can only be used for payment at the end of the rental use. Customers must present a valid credit card, with available credit, at the time of initial rental. The credit card must be under the renter's name. Cash is accepted at the end of the rentals.

Applicable Taxes
colectivity sales tax is 8.0%.
Privilege Fee
airport recovery fee is 2.5% at princess juliana (airport)
Geographic Restrictions
Rental vehicles cannot leave the Island , but are not restricted within either side  Supplemental Liability Insurance
S.L.I. provides protection from claims against you for injury, death, or property damage. It provides liability protection up to $1,000,000.00 and minimizes risk to personal asset $7.95 per day.
C.D.W. Collision Damage Waiver
Regardless of fault, you are responsible for loss or damage to the rental vehicle resulting from collision, theft, or vandalism, unless you purchase this protection. C.D.W. coverage reduce your financial responsibility for loss of or damage to the vehicle. This coverage also reduces the risk of increased personal insurance premiums. $10.95 - $15.95, depending on the type of vehicle rented.
Special Equipment
Child seats are required by law for all children under four years of age. Child seat rentals are available. $7.00 per day.
Cellular phone rentals- email for availabillity and for pricing.
Rented vehicles must be returned with a full tank of gas, or a refueling fee will be applied. The prepaid fuel option is $60.00 per full tank for cars and $85.00 for VANS and SUVs on Saint Martin. The refuel charge is $5.95 per gallon at this locations.
Additional Services
Please contact us if you are interested in any services not listed above.
Phone Number: 1-201-973-3667
email at:
*Seat belts are required by law. Buckle up for safety!
**Additional charges for late vehicle returns are applicable.